Building a business should be a joy. We use digital innovation & strong coffee high-fives post-it notes late nights overpriced tea classic tunes bad jokes to help you scale, engage and get automated.

The old agency model is dying

It's no longer enough to simply turn up and look good - consumers need to be met on their terms. We were born from the need for a smarter, more efficient, and more empathetic kind of agency.

We are RIVER, a strategically led digital agency, a fresh approach to digital innovation. Relate is our philosophy, we transform the relationship between brands, people, and technology.

Client Wins

What We Do

We build castles on solid foundations, not sand. We use innovation and design thinking methodology to empower our clients. This starts at the foundation - brand strategy & on-point market positioning. Then we look to the future with innovation - digital strategy, engagement & automation.

Phase I

Digital Foundation

  • - Strategy (Brand & Market Positioning)
  • - Brand Development & Design
  • - Brand Material & Collateral
  • - Website & Online Presence
Phase II

Digital Innovation

  • - Strategy (Technology & Automation)
  • - Online Platforms & Applications
  • - Workflow & Process Automation
  • - Customised E-Commerce

We partner with our clients to engage in their vision and create solutions that work.

Our Approach

Relate is our philosophy, we focus on the relationship between people and technology. We're a diverse group of individuals who value people, positivity & passion. We structure projects teams so that each member can bring something unique to the table.

Outside of our expertise we have a wide network of partner agencies, working in collaboration where everyone excels at what they do best. We also work with some of the world's best open-source technology, so there are no limitations to what we can achieve.


Relate is our philosophy.

We focus on the relationship between people and technology.

Our Clients

From classic Kiwi companies and organisations through to innovative brands and startups, we work with clients who are forward thinking, take pride in their brand and value innovation.

Get Started

Whether you want to reposition your brand, engage with your customers or take over the world, it all starts with a great conversation. Connect with us today.


Isaac Rolfe, Business & Growth

Central Office

Auckland, New Zealand

Our Mission is to improve lives and bring people joy through technology & innovation - and have fun while doing it!

RIVER are motivated to do great work, and work with Fly to help capture our vision and bring it to life. They are easy to work with and passionate to create the best results.
Johnson McKay. Founder, Fly
You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.
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