Partnership Funding Model - Overview

Our Partnership Funding Model provides an opportunity for clients to engage in capital intensive projects, while spreading those costs out over a year. Our goal is to enable and empower clients to commence projects that support their growth and productivity, while making it more feasible to manage financially.

Partnership Funding Model
  • Spread project costs over one year, with a deposit and monthly payments
  • 20% deposit up front, with a 10% funding fee added to the balance
  • Ability to pay off the balance (and receive a rebate on the funding fee) at any time
  • Can apply to new projects, as well as updates to existing projects
  • Approval on a case-by-case basis, with the ability to top-up on an ongoing basis
  • Spread capital intensive costs out over time
  • Take advantage of growth projects and efficiency increasing workstreams that require more capital than is on-hand
  • Pass off some cash flow risk to RIVER, becoming a long-term growth partner
Contact us for our Partnership Funding Model Agreement.
Last Updated: 12 June 2021
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