Hosting & Maintenance

We provide a managed hosting service for our projects. This incorporates a tailored environment in order to support optimal performance, maximised uptime and robust security.

We have a distributed hosting service that utilises the services of Site Host (based in New Zealand), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and a number of external services including Sentry and Mailgun. This ensures optimal performance and loading times, multiple points of redundancy, and minimised costs for large amounts of file storage.

What you get out of the box:
  • High performance hosting with optimised performance
  • High security hosting with SSL integration
  • Daily database snapshot backups (14-day retention)
  • Automatic version control for project updates
  • Robust mailing, alert and security services
  • Automated error tracking and uptime monitoring
  • Distributed file management and hosting
  • Analytics and reporting capability

In regards to application development, our framework of choice Laravel incorporates a number of security-first features to offer unparalleled application security. Learn more here:


Pricing depends on a number of factors unique to each project, including though not limited to:

  • The size and complexity of your project
  • The number of features and services integrated
  • The amount of traffic your website receives
  • The number and size of files stored
  • The level of security, monitoring and standard uptime required for your project
  • External services integrated into your project

Prices may vary due to changes in your project’s requirements over time, such as increasing data storage and complexity as your project grows, as well as changes in infrastructure costs from suppliers.


As a managed hosting service, our hosting plans come with 1 hour of complimentary support (unless stated otherwise), with no limitation on what this covers.

All requests and support on top of this, whether enhancements, bug fixes, or performance optimisations, are billable on a monthly basis.

We also conduct regular reviews and recommendations of our projects, with suggested maintenance and updates to carry out in order to support maximum uptime, and minimise the likelihood of outages.

Last Updated: 2 May 2022
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