Retainer Agreement - Overview
Our Retainer model offers trusted clients a retainer for dedicated workload at a discounted rate, to support with the ongoing growth of their projects:
  • A discounted rate for your retainer, including additional project work
  • Dedicated resource put aside for your projects to support consistent throughput and growth
  • Additional resource trained on your projects to increase long-term bandwidth
Retainer Model
  • We reserve a minimum amount of hours for you each retainer period, to provide production workload
  • The retainer is invoiced at a discounted rate, alongside additional production workload for the retainer projects (where resource is available)
  • You pay the retainer amount via Automatic Payment or Direct Debit (either at the start of a month, or the end of a week), with periodic adjustment invoices as needed
  • Retainer hours not utilised stack for 3 months, before being credited at 50% of value
  • Retainer hours that we are not able to provide due to planning or management our end stack at a further discounted rate
  • We have no less than one workshop per retainer period, and we train additional resources on retainer projects to increase bandwidth and reduce risk
  • Prioritised development resource for your projects
  • A competitive retainer rate that applies to the retainer, as well as additional retainer work
  • Long-term stability that supports the growth of your projects
  • Long-term stability with cashflow for all parties
  • A reduction in project risk across the board
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Last Updated: 12 June 2021
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