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The team at Cleanly came to us with an idea and a question - how do we take a simple service in a crowded marketplace, and breathe new life into it?

We worked with the team at Cleanly from the ground up on a fresh new brand identity. We helped them refine their services, we talked to their audiences and looked into their competition, in order to craft a unique brand that carved out its own space in the market.


A unique look

By juxtaposing different traits and characteristics to the Cleanly brand that you often don't see together - design driven typography, a corporate look and feel, and relatable graphics - we were able to create a unique look and feel unlike anything within their market.
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Too much of a good thing

With the success of their new brand, the team at Cleanly were inundated with work and requests. As a small business that started as a side-hustle, the team chose to take their brand offline, in order to focus on servicing their new customers while they continue to refine their businesses processes and pipeline.
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