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Trev provides industry-leading farm reporting and insights software that enables customers to get the best out of their farming operation. To make this happen, Trev needed a platform that provided a simple and intuitive UI on the front-end, powered by a robust engine and rich functionality on the back-end.

We worked with Trev alongside our creative partners at brave media to develop an industry leading platform that provides real-time insights and analytics on-demand. As Trev continues to innovate, we work with them on a weekly basis to add powerful new features, reporting, and integrations.

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Relentlessly optimised data; simplified and intuitive UI

Optimised data capture processes allow staff to input relevant information in minutes, cutting down on what used to take hours by hand. Automated imports from more than a dozen industry providers enrich customer data, powering interactive analytics reports and data insights. Behind the scenes, a high performance data processing pipeline handles tens of thousands of jobs per day.
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